Our Spinning Bikes

Our Studio houses new Spinner Blade Ion bikes

Our state of the art Spinner Blade ION bikes support the exclusive power training system that measures and tracks your results. This type of training is no longer for just elite athletes but accessible to all fitness levels at VitalCycle.

To track your progress each bike is outfitted with a cycling power meter that measures power, heart rate, RPM’s, calories, time and distance. During the class your results are collected and projected on your personal monitor right on the bike.  You are able to track and rank each ride based on your total energy output and can view all of your historical rides and improvements on our web site. Or you can just turn it off and ride with a big smile 🙂 .

If you have a bit of competitiveness inside you, you’ll surely enjoy the the Performance IQ (PIQ) feature when tracking your stats. You have an option to compete with yourself or with your group. But remember the ride is yours, the stats are yours, the improvement you will see is yours and there is never pressure to “compete” vs anyone else. We work as a team throughout the entire ride.