SPINPower® Innovation

Revolutionize your ride with power-based training! Our bikes provide new and experienced riders with real-time measurements of individual effort for greater efficiency and results. This is a great tool for beginners as well as advanced riders and makes the ride more fun and rewarding.

The Spinner Blade ION power meter technology is coupled with an exclusive power-based training program developed by Angie Sturtevant, Spinning® Master Instructor, sports performance and weight-loss specialist.

The SPINPower technology is unique because it tells riders how hard they are working, allows them to measure progress, and tells them what fitness variables they need to change.

SPINPower program features:

  • A simple 15 minute Personal Spinning Threshold Test (PST) lets us customize SPINPower training zones for each riders ability from beginner to expert
  • Post-ride data analysis is emailed to each rider after class and allows a rider to monitor and evaluate their progress, and compare those results over time
  • The Spinner Blade ION provides an accurate measurement of how many calories a rider is burning, no more guess work. Riders can easily find their specific aerobic zone and stay within it for the best results
  • The SPINPower program allows a rider to “Ride Smart” and to work effectively without having to wonder where they should be regarding RPM, resistance, perceived effort etc. The rider knows exactly what is best for them

SPINPower can only be found at a certified Spinning Facility like Vitalcycle and our instructors go through lengthy training and testing to be able to provide this exclusive program. You will not find this technology anywhere on the North Shore except at Vitalcycle.

Why Power Based Training?