Personal Training

You are about to take your first steps on a journey that will bring strength to your body and clarity to your mind. Let us start by saying “congratulations.” Most people never even make it to this point. The fact that you are seeking expert advice to improve your physical self through hard work is a testament to your willingness to “make it happen” !

My name is Keri Ensminger and I look forward to working with you 🙂

I am excited to be offering one on one training at Vitalcycle. many of you have worked with me in my MUSCLE classes and rest        assured  if you are looking to supplement that group work and or your cardio work on the bike or work specifically one on one with me only, I am excited to work with you. We will work  hand in hand as follows:

  • Demonstrate to you specifically how to perform different exercises and routines
  • I’ll observe you doing each exercise and provide proper techniques to reduce injury potential and improve fitness
  • I’ll be sure to substitute exercises during our sessions for different levels of fitness and skill
  • We’ll be keeping a close eye on your progress and will adjust exercises accordingly

My professional track record encompasses the aptitude to incorporate a holistic approach to health and fitness which encompasses both cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength. I have great exposure to techniques pertinent to managing a client’s endurance, flexibility and lifestyle considerations especially when formulating a health plan. My knowledge of nutrition would assist me in formulating client-individual diet plans and developing exciting and effective exercise programs.

Remember, this journey has no final destination. I am your personal trainer, your fitness coach, your health counselor, your exercise teacher in actuality, I am your guide on this journey. If you follow me, if you trust in me, if you stay consistent and give me your personal best, then you shall reap the rewards, I promise 🙂