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Nancy Gambale

Nancy Gambale

Owner and Manager of VitalCycle

Nancy is the owner and manager of VitalCycle, an athlete, an entrepreneur and a mother of three. She has been involved in fitness, health and wellness for twenty-five years. A graduate of Bridgewater State University with a B.S. in Physical Education and a minor in Nutrition. Nancy is an associate of Isagenix (a health & wellness co.) and the founder of Wonderland family daycare.

Everyone knows Nancy has a passion for fitness. At VitalCycle she uses her knowledge of health, fitness and wellness to encourage others to be strong, fit, confident and happy. Her love for exercise and desire to help others to be the healthiest person they can be is just one of her attributes.

Nancy is SPIN certified as well as SPINPower certified through Mad Dogg Athletics and her background also includes many years of coaching sports which has taught her to be motivating, patient, sensitive and attentive to the needs and personal goals of athletes.

She is a music lover and strongly feels that music selection is key to creating a fun and motivating class. Nancy believes that when you overcome the technical aspects of the ride and fully embrace the music, its magical and it becomes more than exercise.

Her journey with “Spinning” began when it became apparent that her knees could no longer take the high impact pounding of competitive tennis as often as they used to.

Outside of fitness, Nancy enjoys spending time with family and friends, listening to music, reading, healthy cooking, and the ocean.

Inspirational events in her life: Climbing Mount Washington in her first trimester of pregnancy. Having a home birth.

Amanda Sullivan

Amanda Sullivan

Amanda’s interest in fitness began shortly after she graduated from High School. She consistently enjoyed working out at the gym 5-6 days per week incorporating weights and running on either the elliptical or treadmill. Amanda always felt great after a work out and loved the endorphin high.

Amanda’s journey into Spinning began while working out at her gym. There seemed to be a lot of hype going on inside the Spin class and one day she decided to give it a try. After that first class she was hooked. She LOVED everything about Spinning, including the loud, upbeat music, the dim lights and the motivational instructor. Amanda would leave the class drenched in sweat only to come back for more the very next day. Amanda became a dedicated Spin enthusiast.

Amanda attended many fitness classes for the next two years and decided that teaching group fitness classes is much more rewarding than just working out in the gym. She also loves the team feel in a group exercise setting.

Amanda received her Primary Group Fitness Certification through AFFA in 2012. She also holds a Spinning Certification adn a SPINPOwer certification through Mad Dogg Athletics. She is also CPR/AED certified through the American Heart Association. Amanda currently teaches a variety of different fitness classes including Kickboxing, Bootcamp, Spin and strength classes. In her free time she likes to go for walks with her dog and spends time with her beautiful baby girl and her husband.

Marci Gerrior

Marci Gerrior

Marci has always had a love of physical activity whether walking, running or cycling. One of her goals is to be active everyday! Marci started Spinning in 2002 and has been hooked every since.

Marci has her Spinning certification through Mad Dogg Athletics along with a SPINPower certification, a Group Exercise Certification and a Personal Training Certification from the National Trainers Exercise Association.

Marci aims to inspire others to be and stay active everyday through physical activity which engages the mind-body connection, resulting in a better you! As an experienced Spinning instructor, she guides participants through safe, efficient rides with fun and motivating music.

Marci encourages everyone to take one hour of time everyday to better themselves, grow stronger and face the challenges they meet within each ride. This attitude can also be applied anywhere in life.

Marci recently completed her last semester at Salem State University where she will be graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Movement Science with a Major in Physical Education Teacher Education Program and a Minor in Psychology.

Dina Metrano

Dina Metrano

Dina’s love & passion for fitness is what inspires her to continuously deliver up-beat, high-energy, fun and effective workouts daily. Her positive attitude & understanding of the importance of exercise (both physically & for mental health) is what pushes her to motivate others.

Growing up an athlete participating in softball, cheerleading and dance, Dina learned at a young age the benefits of physical activity, energetic music & the unity of a team. (The support was contagious.) She realized surrounding herself with like-minded people was empowering as it helped to build up her own self-esteem. & gave a sense of purpose.

Exercise soon became a healthy addiction, as it allowed her to feel ‘free’ from stress & dysfunction and improve her overall strength & endurance.

As a grown adult, she still understands this concept and puts forth the energy & power that can be developed with group exercise classes. Whether Spinning, Yoga, Pilates, Boot-Camp, Barre, etc…it is her mission to make sure everyone enjoys a safe/effective ‘sweat-session’ feeling mentally and physically stronger enabling you to SAVE THE WORLD ONE WORKOUT AT A TIME.

Positive energy, commitment, power & compassion are what allow her to stand out & continuously shine. Exercise is more than just a “workout”; for Dina it is an outlet to help her manage depression & anxiety.

Dina holds certifications with ACSM as a Personal Trainer, Mad Dogg Spinning, Yoga, Pilates, TRX, Bosu, Barre, CPR & more. As a busy mom of 4 boys and working in the fitness industry for over 25 years Dina thoroughly understands and appreciates the struggles (physically & mentally) many of us have toward achieving a healthy/ balanced lifestyle.


Danielle Jefferson

Danielle Jefferson

As a former athlete fitness has always been a big part of Danielle’s life. She was a competitive gymnast for 12 years so being strong and fit was a way of life for her since before she can remember.

After college and law school she found she definitely was not in the shape she was used to! She joined a gym but would wander around aimlessly with no clue what to do…She had always had a coach there to lead her workouts!

She eventually found her way into group fitness classes and absolutely loved the group atmosphere and team like feeling of sweating it out together!  She says; ” it  felt so good being lead through a challenging and fun workout with other people’s support and encouragement “.

When she tried Spin for the first time she fell in love with the way the instructor used the music to guide the class through the ride. She is a huge music lover! Her taste in music ranges everywhere from rap to country to punk to rock to pop. She listens to and plays it all!  She still gets excited every time a song surges and gives riders the motivation to tackle that big climb or sprint!

After spinning for a few years she got encouragement from her Spin instructor to go get certified. In addition to her time as a gymnast she also coached competitive gymnastics for 10 years so she had plenty of experience  and knowledge of body mechanics and fitness. Teaching seemed like it would be a great fit for her. The spin training was amazing and she enjoyed learning the “why” behind the different positions, resistance levels and cadences. Because of her background she is a HUGH stickler for form! Getting riders stronger mentally and physically while avoiding injuries is her main goal!

She has been teaching since 2014 and loves it! In addition to Spin she also teaches muscle conditioning, boot camps, Barre and Pilates.


Joanne "Jo Jo " Maragni

Joanne "Jo Jo " Maragni

JoJo started her fitness journey when she was 18 years old. Previously JoJo was involved with personal training and body building. JoJo is an avid runner and when she is not teaching a SPIN class she can often be found in one of our classes.

JoJo is super enthusiastic and energetic and you will feel that every time you ride with her. She is passionate about fitness and puts her heart and soul into helping everyone get the most out of all of her classes. After taking one of her classes you surely will leave feeling energetic and positive 🙂

JoJo has a bachelors degree in physical fitness and is Madd Dog certified to teach SPIN classes. When not teaching classes, running or working out in some way she loves to travel and experience all the world has to offer.



Anna Sideri

Anna Sideri

Anna started her fitness journey to become a wellness and health expert after a dramatic weight loss. The year before beginning her education at the Sawyer Business School at Suffolk University–wherein she majored in entrepreneurship–Anna lost a staggering 80 pounds. To achieve her weight loss goal, she thought positively, ate wholesome healthy food, and began using cycling as a means toward her cardio and strength goals. Through weekly aerobic and anaerobic workouts on the spin-bike the 80 pounds of fat fell right off and pounds of pure, toned muscle were left in its place.

Anna’s life was changed through her newly found passion, especially by the effects of Spinning. For the past 4 years, Anna has been busy inspiring and motivating others to make healthy life-style changes, on and off the bike. She is certified by Mad Dogg athletics as a Spinning instructor, holds the SPINPower certification as well and has countless hours of experience on the bike. Anna’s positive and never ending supply of energy is contagious, and her love of life and for others truly manifests itself in each one of her classes.

To this end, Anna is constantly looking for the perfect tune for her next class, and consistently employs a diverse music selection ranging from classical to electronic. Anna knows that music is one of the most important components of an effective Spinning class, and she puts in the time and research to make sure that each class is challenging, unique, but most importantly, fun!. Whether you crave endurance or strength, Anna’s classes will leave you satisfied. Her fitness motto is to train hard, eat right, and never forget to smile!

Amber Auger

Amber Auger

Amber carries an enthusiasm that is contagious. She maintains multiple roles in the work force as a dental hygienist, college professor, Arbonne consultant and a recent public health graduate. Amber is passionate about helping people achieve their goals, as she overcame many obstacles as a child of a single parent.
Amber will motivate you to push yourself to a new level with her motivating spirit. She has experience in teaching Spin, as well as Spin Flex in multiple studios since 2012 and has been enjoying Spin since 2004. Last year she completed a 50 mile outdoor ride with Patrick Dempsey himself and has the evidence to prove it! 🙂

Amber is an instructor you don’t want to miss, as she is always giving her 100% to each class. She strives to give you a dynamic workout each time you step into the studio.

Meredith Softic

Meredith Softic

Whole Health Educator

Meredith has her BSN, and is a registered nurse with experience in emergency medicine, cardiac health, and interventional radiology. She is also a certified Whole Health Educator through the National Institute for Whole Health.

Meredith provides both private wellness consulting and group educational seminars. She helps people reach their health goals by providing them with science based information and giving them powerful behavior change techniques. She takes a whole person approach to weight loss, which means she not only looks at diet and exercise but also see what environmental/physical/emotional aspects could be negatively impacting weight loss efforts. She takes a real, whole foods, no nonsense approach to weight loss.

Your initial consultation with Meredith is always FREE and if you are looking for a REAL and LASTING solution for weight loss PLEASE be sure to talk to us about it. Meredith is also an integral part of all of our weight loss challenge contests that we have periodically offering coaching and encouragement.