Group Fitness

If you are looking for group training, we have you covered.  Keep in mind that beyond the range of twelve to fifteen people, it’s difficult for any instructor to give much personal attention. When a class gets beyond that size, it’s simply another exercise class. Our Group training classes are always limited to less than 15 people. We guarantee you will get the attention you need. By combining our group training classes with kick ass SPIN cardio and even one on one personal training if you desire, you have everything you need at VC.

So, here’s our bottom line take on group personal training. If you are looking for an intense workout, getting motivated into shape, or simply to lose a few pounds, then come to any of our group personal training classes. You don’t need your own individual personal trainer to get a great workout. Group personal training is a great option for many people and we have it all at VC.

However, if you have not worked out in a long while, are looking for specific skill-based improvement, need improved movement functionality or have specific exercise restriction(s), you might want to consider our personal training option, initially at least.