Our well-trained, personable and fantastic Spin instructors use motivation, great music, visualization and coaching skills to lead our riders through an indoor cycling class that incorporates various movements and positions. Our indoor cycling riders conquer hills, climbs, jumps, sprints and interval training to improve their fitness.

All our Spin classes combine high-intensity and fat-burning movements without high-impact, while working quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, calves, heart, and lungs. From start to finish our Spinning instructors will encourage you while bringing enjoyment to the Spin class. Although our instructors often challenge you to a higher intensity at times you can always feel comfortable to adjust the tension on the bike according to your abilities and fitness goals.

We also use the SPIN Power Training Program and track your progress so you can see exactly how you are doing. This performance tracking indoor cycling software provides a dynamic, specialized “cycle experience” that cannot be found anywhere else on the North Shore. Perfect for beginners and experts alike.

You’ll always have plenty of FUN at Vitalcycle with great instructors and great music and ALWAYS get the most out of your ride but ALWAYS with safety and exercise efficiency at the forefront. Remember that we offer multiple classes “off the bike too”, check out all our class descriptions.


Our Spin and Shred class combines 30 minutes of interval training on our bikes with 30 minutes of lower body and core toning exercises off the bike. Workouts are focused on abs, glutes, legs, and back. This workout is designed to tone, lift and tighten through the use of light weights and body resistance.


You will get your cardio in with 30 minutes on the bike and then jump into a Barre workout 🙂

Barre is a fun and effective way to sculpt long, lean muscles!

By mixing elements of pilates, ballet and yoga this class focuses on small muscle groups and core movements to help you strengthen and tone all over! Barre helps to improve balance and flexibility with low impact moves designed for every level of fitness.


Notice your muscles responding from this 50 minutes of full body resistance training. In this MUSCLE class you will challenge every major muscle group with high repetitions and low weight.
Come have some fun with different modalities such as physioballs, kettlebells, resistance tubing, medicine balls and much more…
This class is limited in size, so reserve early as classes fill up very quickly. (*Note that you will not be on the bike at all during this class)


This high intensity circuit training style workout combines 4 minutes of spinning intervals on the bike followed by 4 minutes of weight training/core work off the bike. We keep this momentum going for 50 minutes with a 5 minute warm up at the start and a 5 minute stretch and cool down at the end. This is a great workout for those looking to up the intensity of their current workouts and don’t have a whole lot of time. HIIT (high-intensity interval training) training is known to torch calories in a short period of time. Just like all of our classes, how high you want to “up your intensity” is up to you.  🙂

This class is limited in size, so reserve early as classes fill up very quickly.


VC Stretch is a 45 minute total body deep stretch that loosens up all the muscles of the body with a specific focus on those muscles commonly found to be tight on indoor cycling riders. The class finishes with a relaxing shavasana accompanied by aromatherapy oils to clear your mind. Set to soft music in a slightly warm room, this class will refresh and revitalize you !

This class is limited in size, so reserve early as classes fill up very quickly. (*Note that you will not be on the bike at all during this class)


Our 50 minute fat burning ride will give you a great mix of aerobic and anaerobic training. Our instructors will guide you through intervals, rolling hills, sprints, climbs, runs and jumps. Music is selected by the instructor to motivate and inspire you. This ride is applicable to all fitness levels.


Spin Flex 60 class combines our traditional intense, heart-pounding cardio and 20 minutes of upper-body weight training (done safely and effectively off the bike) all done in our motivating environment. “try it , you’ll like it”.

VC “Barre”

Learn how to move safely, properly and efficiently in our VC BARRE Boston class.  By working the glutes and leg muscles you will achieve strength and flexibility AND work towards that long, lean dancer look.

Tone that butt and redefine those abs with the most expeditiously and targeted workout available. Using traditional Ballet barre, Classical Pilates and Contemporary muscle conditioning, we WILL change the way your body moves, feels and looks!

This class is limited in size, so reserve early as classes fill up very quickly. (*Note that you will not be on the bike at all during this class)

Just “sayin”  🙂

As far as how our Cycling classes compare and If you have been spinning a while, you have likely seen many types of indoor cycling instructors.

Probably you have done a class where the instructor did an assortment of movements that were unusual to perform on a bicycle. Perhaps a push up over the handle bars. Perhaps a chicken wing, where you flail your arms forward and back. You might have been asked to stand and tap to the back of the seat and push your hips forward again, or perhaps you were told to isolate your hips perfectly and hover over the pedals without moving. Worst, you might have been given a sandbag or weights to monkey around with, or asked to pedal at very high cadence with little or no resistance on the bike.

What you probably don’t know is that all the movements mentioned above besides pedaling, are in fact warned against by every major spin bike manufacturer and certification body. Keiser, Spinning, Real Ryder, Stages, Cycling Fusion, Indoor Cycling Group, and Schwinn all certify indoor cycling instructors. All of their training programs specifically exclude and warn against upper body motion. Further, everyone who understands sports physiology knows that these types of movements hit you with a double helping of bad: they do absolutely nothing to change your body, and they put your lower back, among other things, at significant risk of injury.

Some people wonder why we NEVER do the movements mentioned above while pedaling the bike or lift weights on the bike. It’s simple, the addition of weights or bands to an indoor cycling class, doing push-ups or crunches, isolating the abs or any other part of the body, and moving the hips fore and aft or lowering them while cycling does nothing for your muscular strength or endurance, and everything to impede your ability to pedal while reducing your power output. And most important for many of us, doing these things ensure that you burn fewer calories. Don’t be fooled by studios promoting these movements, you are wasting your limited valuable exercise time. Check out why-you-shouldnt-do-an-upper-body-workout-while-pedaling-in-your-indoor-cycling-class/ for more details