We are very excited to join with you on your journey to sustained health and fitness.
“Vital Cycle” Indoor Spinning is an upscale, community-based indoor Spin studio that provides one of the highest quality aerobic & full body workouts available today. Our indoor cycling rides are streamlined to energizing and inspiring music in an upbeat setting. Indoor Cycling is adaptable to all who crave fitness, fun and wellness.

Our goal

When we make exercise fun we create more interest for others to ride with us, which ultimately will mean many more healthy people. HEALTHY PEOPLE = HAPPY PEOPLE.

We feel great pride and satisfaction in providing the North Shore community with an indoor Spin cycling studio where fitness generates confidence, fun and empowerment.

Hope to see you soon. Check our Spinning schedule!


What We Offer

  • The customer is our #1 priority
  • Quality, challenging and fun rides
  • Knowledgeable, personable and motivating instructors
  • Heart-pumping Playlists
  • Convenient online reservation system
  • Top-of-the-line Sound system
  • SPIN Blade Ion bikes that track your performance
  • Free Towel service
  • Spring water bottles available
  • Club style lighting
  • No memberships/no commitment
  • No up-front fees
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Changing rooms
  • Ear plugs if you need them 🙂
  • Two large flat screen monitors that display group stats
  • Post-workout Spin results emailed to measure your progress
  • Spa quality amenities
  • A happy and upbeat atmosphere 🙂

Get directions to Spinning Studio VitalCycle

Vitalcycle North Shore’s most advanced indoor Spin cycling studio

Learn what makes us different! Vitalcycle is conveniently located off the southbound side of Rte.1 in Saugus. Get Directions.

Easy access from the northbound side via Walnut street.