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You can work out at any gym or studio, but you’ll find something extraordinary waiting for you at Vitalcycle!

We will automatically add 20% more classes to all packages now until December 24th. Purchase 5 classes get credited for 6, 10 classes gets you 12, 20 classes gets you 24, 30 classes gets you 36 and 40 classes gets you 48 !  We will add the additional 20% to all gift cards purchases as well!   Don’t miss out ! Happy Holidays from Vital Cycle 🙂

Our Spin Studio offers an intimate, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for your indoor spinning class experience.

Our bikes provide new and experienced riders with real-time measurements of individual effort for greater efficiency and results. This is a great tool for beginners as well as advanced riders and makes the ride more fun and rewarding.

The SPINPower technology is unique because it tells you how hard you are working, allows you to measure progress, and tells you what fitness variables you need to change to get the best personal results.

Our instructors have all been chosen for their passion for indoor cycling and for the fantastic spin rides they offer. Our entire staff is dedicated to providing you with a safe, energizing and satisfying mind-body indoor cycling experience.

Don’t be fooled by studios promoting movements and weight training “on the bike”, don’t waste your limited valuable exercise time. You’ll always have plenty of fun at Vitalcycle with great instructors and great music and you will always get the most out of your workout.  Check out why-you-shouldnt-do-an-upper-body-workout-while-pedaling-in-your-indoor-cycling-class/ for more details.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I love spinning and Vital Cycle is the best spin studio around!! I love their system that allows you to keep track of your progress and allows a little friendly competition during each ride. The instructors are all amazing, they always get the best out of me every ride and they have awesome soundtracks to keep you motivated. The owners, who are also great spin instructors, keep a clean comfortable and welcoming spin studio with great riders. I’ve met lots of great people here and get an awesome workout each week.”

— Zachary H.

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“I absolutely love going to Vital Cycle. The atmosphere is so positive, the instructors are fun, energetic and always smiling, and the owners, Kevin and Nancy, are very welcoming and love being there, and it definitely shows! Even the smaller things make such a difference in this studio, from the instructors setting up the bikes to each rider’s settings beforehand, to having stats emailed right to me after class to track my progress. This place is very clean and well run! I know that whenever I go to a class here I will have a great workout. I’ve been to a few other spin studios around the North Shore and nothing compares.”

— Jane G.

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“This place is as good as it gets. I have been spinning for close to 10 years and this studio takes the cake. Great classes, instructors and owners. Studio is spotless. Equipment is top notch. There is nothing worse than a 4:45 alarm and there is nothing better than showing up at 5:00 am with your reserved bike setup for you with a towel. They do everything short of taking the class for you. Plenty of space for stretching. I could go on and on.”

— Maria O.

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